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Cultural Activities


For the Development of Social responsibility in our students the school produces different types of programme regardin with social activities such as Tsunamis, for flood effected people to remove illitracy the conservation of environment and enery etc.



The aim of the School is to develop among its pupils all round abilities, as individuals as well as team players by exposin them to diverse field of activities be it sports, Martial arts, Dance and Music, Computer education, Yoga Project work etc.
We organised different games and sports seasonally and go for trip to historical and educational places.

Our students have gotten first prize in all over India in drawing competition which has been organised by Bihar State Pollution Control, Board at Sanjay andhi Zooloical Park, Patna.

Our students have also otten first prize in above 10 quiz competition in all over Bihar Samagra Vikash Parisad. New Jyoti, National Public School and others.

Scoul and uide (Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India) Reistered.

  1. Be serious and sincere in your class room the first day you join. Never leave your home task for tomorrow.
  2. No loose talks please.
  3. Attack the chapter/the subject you like the least because you cannot escapt it. Then the rest of the work will be easier.
  4. Get all doubts clarified the class room, Never hesitate in removing your weaknesses. It is never wrong not to know, but it is always wron not to try to know what you don't know.
  5. Develop the habit of early rising.
  6. Take bath daily.
  1. Be polite to others, specially with your teachers, seniors and elders.
  2. Show yours affection to your juniors.
  3. Wish your teachers, elders and seniors when you come across them.
  4. Acknowlede every body's help with thanks.
  5. To err is human. If you do somethin wrong, confess it and express heartfelt regret.

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